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About the Site

The site is about communication and makes no attempt to show Pearces as something which it is not. I have spent too much of my life loading bloated web pages not to make speed of navigation a priority. There is not one animated graphic to wink and gyrate at you like some middle-eastern belly-dancer on steroids.

It is not expected that this site will result in the world beating a path to our door. It is intended that it will become a local resource for our customers and the people of Chesham although we naturally welcome enquiries from further afield.

The site has been developed in-house (chorus line: “Oh, it shows, it certainly shows”) and has had a gestation period longer than an elephants. I have tested a number of web-authoring programs. I have recently realised that the web must be available to mobile phone and have started a re-design of the site using Serif WebPlus X7 as an aid to this end. The shopping cart is hosted by Mal's eCommerce.

The photo’s were scanned on a very cheap A4 scanner (it shows!) although I am in the process of replacing these with digital photos.

We have not been very vigorous in testing the pages on different browsers. Please email me if you have any problems. These browsers are a pain.

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