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Terms and Conditions

We will give you clear information about the goods offered.

After you have made a purchase, we will send you confirmation of your purchase by email.

After making a purchase, you have 7 days during which you can ask us to cancel the sale. If you do not wish to proceed with the sale, please contact us for return authorisation.

Prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling and include U.K. Value Added Tax (VAT). Export orders will be supplied free of VAT. Prices are valid while stocks last.

Delivery costs will be included or subject to advice and will be clearly marked.

Our insurance does not currently allow us to sell in the U.S.A.

Ambiguity in the EC Brussels Regulation of Nov 2000 makes us reluctant to sell in Continental Europe.

We are happy to sell to UK residents and other parts of the world and accept cards accepted by PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account. Goods will only be delivered to a traceable address and checks will be made to relate the cardholder and the address. Collection from the shop by anyone other than the cardholder will not be permitted.

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